Criteria For Scholarship Grants Allocated by IRC:

  • Generally the policy will be to provide scholarships only to those known personally or at least interviewed by either Jim on his travels, or to another member of the Board of Trustees.
  • To select candidates who are strategically placed within their own culture/society.
  • To reflect a world-wide focus rather than upon one country or culture.
  • When there are candidates of compatible suitability, to choose the one whose ministry is deemed more strategic, or more innovative than the other.
  • Candidates who reveal self-interest in the professional or generally academic interest of their studies will be ruled out as ineligible for these scholarships.  For we are deliberate in the selection of the few who can demonstrate self-sacrifice in pursuit of love and service of Christ, both in secular and ecclesial ministries.  Since this is the key requisite and yet the most difficult to assess, a short written confession of the journey of faith by the candidate will be required, describing also the future vision of service the candidate may have.
  • In assessment of the Christian character of eligible candidates, both the narrative statement under item 5 and a personal letter of support from some mentor or Christian may be desirable, if the candidate is not already well known.
  • Candidates will submit a brief statement of their current finances, demonstrating the impossibility of pursuing further academic / professional training without some initial ‘seed’ money such as the IRC may provide.
  • On occasion, the IRC should be flexible, to grant a travel grant to a prospective candidate, to meet with me, or some other Board member, to become more known to our granting body.
  • Whenever possible, candidates will be determined at least a year ahead of their support, so that the Board can budget, as well as vet their choice and selection.