The Foundation


The Foundation

  1. To fund, implement and carry on research and programs to foster interdisciplinary and public discourse on issues relating to the relationship between religion and culture by examining the manner in which religious values and principles impact and relate to social mores, laws and culture as well as the implications for philosophical and ethical issues;
  2. To fund, implement and carry on activities and programs designed to develop  greater understanding on issues of religion and culture by providing scholarships, equipment, facilities, and funding for research, writing, lecturing and publishing.

The Aims of the Foundation

As the Foundation has evolved and refined its focus on the achievement of its Objectives, it now has three primary areas of activity in support of these Objectives. All the Activities of the Foundation are intended to advance a prophetic and relational Christian voice, at high levels of scholarship, against the folly of secular humanism, and its uncritical acceptance of the use of technology, scientism, and secularism. Specifically the Foundation will:

  1. Raise funds and distribute scholarships and research grants for research, writing, lecturing and publishing on the relationship between religion and culture for Ph.D. students, writing theses on subjects that promote the Institute’s mission research. Preference will be given to students who are economically disadvantaged. These scholarships we call “courage money” in that they are intended to provide timely en-couragement to individuals who are thus emboldened to step out in faith and respond to God’s call on their lives.
  2. Support the ministry of James M. Houston in (1) the publication and circulation of his written works on the issues of religion, technology and culture, and (2) funding his travel for teaching and promoting the aims of the foundation. The Foundation will be the recipient of some of his royalties, and after his death, be the holder of all his publishing contracts. In this capacity, the Foundation will promote the continued publication and distribution of the work and library of Dr. Houston.
  3. Since the Foundation desires to initiate a more ‘reformed’ movement that can become more dynamic collectively, rather than just through the work of Dr. Houston, the Foundation will also
    1. Provide initial grants for fledgling institutions with similar missions to this Institute to become established. The Foundation intends to support innovative, more personal institutional  efforts, since many traditional Christian organizations need reform.
    2. Provide for Christian leaders access to places of study and retreat where they may have access to, and study of, the library of the Foundation and where public lectures and discourse on the issues of religion and culture may take place.
    3. Provide the means by which Board members and other friends of the Foundation can extend their on-going vision and financial support of mutually complementary projects.