About Jim

Dr. James Houston, one of the original founders and first principal of Regent College, has just published his most recent work Joyful Exiles, which reflects on the current divergence of Western culture and the Christian spiritual life. Dr. Houston prophetically describes the difficulty that Christians face in growing to spiritual maturity when the very institutions they rely upon are engulfed by rationalism and relativism. In most cultures prior to the advent of Postmodernism, the wisdom of elders was relied upon to meet a community’s challenges. In the Post Modern Western culture, with the pre-eminence of personal rights and the idolization of individualism, this custom has ceased to have any relevance. It is one that should not be so cavalierly dismissed, for in these mentors resides the spiritual maturity that, through a new dialogue, might show a way in the chaos to both individual and community. Dr. Houston also serves as a Senior Fellow with the C.S.Lewis Institute in Washington, D.C., USA.